Recreational Program

The recreational program separates gymnasts by ability and age. Each level will learn vault, bars, beam, and floor. Skills will be taught in a logical progression from fundamental skills to more complex as your gymnast progresses.

New to gymnastics? Not sure what level is right for your gymnast? Email to schedule a skill assessment with one of our qualified coaches.  


Class descriptions

45 minutes
The preschool class will focus on listening, following instructions and developing large motor skills as well as learning basic gymnastic skills to prepare them for the next level.  The class learns how to do pullovers, forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels and handstands. Also, straight jumps and walking on the balance beam.
Beginner I
60 minutes
This class teaches basic tumbling skills on
floor (fall to bridge, cartwheels, turns, handstands, etc.) and basics on bars, balance beam and vault. They will learn the correct technique and core skills to prepare them for the next level.  Students can join this class with little or no previous gymnastics experience.
Beginner II
60 minutes
This class is for students who have passed the Beginner class or have been evaluated
at this level. Students begin to work on more advanced skills and progressions on floor, bars, balance beam and vault. They will continue to focus on technique.
90 minutes
This class is for students who have passed the Beginner II class or have been evaluated into this level. Students will work on front and back walkovers, dive rolls, back extensions, round-offs and other
skills, in addition to more advanced skills on bars, balance beam and vault.
90 minutes
This class is for students who have passed the Intermediate class. Advanced students will work on more difficult skills and skill combinations on floor, bars, balance beam and vault. Students will focus on technique and development.
2 hours

This class is for students who want to prepare to compete and develop a higher skill set. Team Development works at a faster pace for students who are ready to learn more difficult combinations on bars, balance beam, floor and vault. Team Development focuses on the correct technique and building confidence to compete and move up to the competitive team program.
Requires coach's recommendation and year-round commitment.
High School
The High School class is focused on mastering required skills on all events and assistance with routine choreography.  This class focuses on developing and perfecting skills the gymnast will need to compete at High School level.  This class is a great opportunity for High School students to train during the offseason and develop new skills while preparing them for the season to come.
Xcel team
The Xcel Team program is an opportunity for girls who have progressed to a higher skill level and are ready for competition. Learn more about the Xcel Team .
Requires coach's recommendation and year-round commitment.
Discounts available for multi-children households and additional classes. 

Private lessons are based on coaches availability.  Please contact us via email if you are interested in private lessons.
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