About Us

Our goal at Dynamic Flights Gymnastics is to continue the legacy of strong gymnastics programming and development in our communities.
As we begin our third year of ownership, our families are very proud of the accomplishments of our gymnasts and staff.
We have set high goals for our programming and strive to offer even more fun fitness in the future.
With the unique opportunity to work closely with Rush City, Pine City, and Hinckley-Finlayson High School, our program is proud to help develop the gymnasts that will participate on the high school gymnastics team.

Our Team

Sam Isackson- Owner/Xcel Team, Pre-Team, Preschool, Beginner 1, and Beginner 2 Coach
Katelyn Meier - Xcel Team
Indigo Isackson-Rod- Xcel Team and Pre-Team Coach

Nevaeh Isackson-Rod -  Xcel Team, and Dynamos Coach

Kianna Helmin- Xcel Team, and Dynamos Coach
Livia Isackson-Rod - Xcel Team, Preschool, Beginner 1, and Beginner 2 Coach

Heather Sivengy- Xcel Coach

Kylee Berube- Beginner 1 and Intermediate Coach

Kaylanna Leight- Preschool, Beginner 1, and Beginner 2 Coach

Ellie Groen- Assistant Coach

Erin Tomecyk- Assistant Coach

Bailey Murawski- Seasonal Coach


Preschool ages through high school. We are looking for a dependable
with the ability to work well with co-workers and
management in a team environment. Must be available to work evenings
with a variable schedule, including some weekend hours (optional). The gym is
currently open Mon, Tues, & Thurs 5-8:30 p.m.

Whether you want to work one night per week or three nights, we will
find a schedule that works for you. Previous coaching or competitive
gymnastics experience required. Potential pay depends on experience and
qualifications. If you are interested, please email your resume' to dynamicflights@gmail.com or call 612-390-1149 for more information.


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